Automatic and semi-automatic machinery Made in Italy Alimec SrL for the confectionery and food industry

Alimec: Innovation and customization of automatic and semi-automatic machinery Made in Italy for the confectionery and food industry

Alimec: Innovation and customization of automatic and semi-automatic machinery Made in Italy for the confectionery and food industry🎂🍩

In recent years, Alimec has gained a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing automatic and semi-automatic systems for pastry production. From cakes to muffins, including cupcakes, magdalenas, donuts, ladyfingers, and many other sweet products, the company stands out for its customization, technological innovation, and customer satisfaction. 🌿👨‍🍳

Production Customization 🌈

Alimec offers a wide range of customization options for each product. Pastries can be made with paper cups or oiled trays, with single-color or two-tone dough. Various ingredients such as nuts, chocolate, or spices can be included in the dough according to the customer's preferences. This versatility makes Alimec's equipment ideal for a wide range of applications, allowing customers to create unique and tailored products.

Various Types of Toppings 🍫🍇

Alimec's equipment is designed to distribute various types of toppings, including sugar crystals, chocolate chips, and raisins. These ingredients can be added before or after baking, depending on the customer's needs. Additionally, Alimec offers the possibility to decorate or fill products after baking, adding an extra level of customization and making each pastry unique and special.

Customer Satisfaction and Technological Innovation 🌍

Alimec is constantly committed to meeting its customers' needs by offering innovative and customized solutions. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for the automation and optimization of the production process, improving efficiency and product quality. Alimec has successfully designed systems worldwide, becoming an ideal partner for anyone looking to enhance their production process.

Depanning and Tilting System 🔄

Alimec also offers an automatic system for producing oiled and paper cup products, equipped with an advanced depanning system. This system can handle medium to high production and offers a range of useful features, including an electronic display for data and recipe storage, a quick-release system for tools to speed up format changes, and a coded sensor for tool recognition based on the selected recipe. Additionally, the tilting system with conveyor rotation managed by a brushless motor ensures precise and accurate control during product handling and depositing.

Contacts 📧

For more information, you can contact Alimec at the following email addresses:
- General:
- Sales:
- Technical Support:
- Administration:

Alimec is located at Via Corte, 1, 36030 Valli del Pasubio (VI), Italy. Tel: +39 0445 662600, Fax: +39 0445 662601.

In conclusion, Alimec offers innovative and customized solutions for pastry production. Whether it's cakes, muffins, donuts, or any other type of pastry, Alimec has the right equipment for you. 🍰🍪🥐


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  • Via Corte 1 Valli del Pasubio - 36030 (Vicenza)
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  • ALIMEC - Via Corte, 1 - Cap 36030 - Valli del Pasubio (VI) - ITALY - PHONE +39 0445 662600 - FAX +39 0445 662601 - EMAIL CONTACTS - GENERAL - - SALES DEPT - - TECHNICAL DEPT - - ADMINISTRATION DEPT -

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